My rods are 100%  handmade without using any machine

from the splitting of the culm until the finished rod.

Each rod is hardly tested on the river because they must be first of all functional fly

fishing tools.

I usually spend a lot of time talking with my clients about their tastes, their casting

style, their tecnique.

Doing so we can find the rod that better than

others can fit his/her personality.


“A Split Cane Bamboo Rod should be unique like an handmade suits taylored to you”

The process step by step


My way to proceed is basically very simple; all my taper designs are based on the trial and error processes without using any software program. All my doubts and possible solutions come out from experiences and testing on the river.

My taper projectation aims to achieve the best managing of the following trade off:

- Total weight of the rod and its distribution

- Rod action

- Balance point of the rod

The second consideration regards a mention of the frequency concept applied to a fishing rod.

First of all, each blank has its natural frequency and usually the final rod made with this blank has a different natural frequency. A rod with an higher natural frequency is  a faster rod compared to another one with a lower frequency.  It’s very easy to understand that some main factors affects thefrequency of the rod:

- Stiffness

- Weight

- Length