This page is a tribute to the real craftmanship.

The nets, the silk lines, the reel seats and handles,the leather river bags and the

leather rod tubes are the result of the craftmanship

of great friends and Craftmans.Their work is a guarantee of quality and beauty

and i’m glad to share them with you.




“A man who works with his hands his brain and his heart is an artist”




Todd Inman’s Custom Nets

Todd Inman makes amazing one of a kind and Custom Made Landing Nets.  These are what I consider the finest landing nets on the market today, and I think you will too!  They are constructed with the finest materials available, and are built to last generations.

Klondike Custom Reel seats

Custom design your own fly rod reel seat with wood inlays and thread trim accent rings.  30 exotic spacer woods to choose from. They are available in four models:  The TRADITIONAL SERIES  reel seats feature a solid spacer wood of your choice.  The WRAPPED SERIES  reel seats feature your choice of spacer wood and thread trim accent rings. The INLAYED SERIES  reel seats feature your choice of a primary spacer wood, a contrasting inlay wood and thread trim accent rings.  The CLASSIC SERIES  incorporates a matching wood endcap w/ a turned nickel silver butt tack and is available with a Traditional, Wrapped, or Inlayed  spacer.

Phoenix Silk Lines

A Phoenix Silk Line is a precision built fly line made of the finest quality pure Chinese silk with tapers built-in by braiding.
A Phoenix Silk Line is:
-Crafted with painstaking care.
-Fully finished and ready to use.
-Unaffected by extreme variations in temperature.
-Quicker and smoother lifting from the water.

Leather Bags and Rod Tubes

The design of this bag has been inspired by the classic angler bags from the early '50s and '60s. It's very essential with its three pockets (two larger ones on the front and a smaller one on the left side). It's 100% handmade using pure Italian leather and measures 10"H x 13"W x 3.5" D. It would be a nice addition to your fishing gear The handmade leather tubes usually come with my rods but on request i can make them on your speicif design, colors, Dimensions and type of leather you want to use for it.