Introduction version

Normally a rod I define as basic, in term of components but not in term of performances. Usually these rods come in two pieces with one or two tips, cork handle, reel seat standard  and nickel silver ferrules (components are bought on the market throught suppliers like Bellinger, REC, CSE, Snake Brand and more). The rods have snake guide and standard strippin guide (no agatha). Colors can be natural or light flamed. Hexaghonal shape hollow built or solid. Aluminum rod tube.

Delivering time range between 5 and 6 weeks
Price range: from € 650,00 – to  € 850,00


Custom version

These rods are usually built in two or three pieces, two tips; the can have standard nickel silver ferrules or bamboo ferrules. The handle and the reel seat is usually handmade and they can be made using cork, birch bark and different kind of wood (on the base of client request). Silversmith reeal seat rings on request. The rods can have snake guides and agatha stripping guide. Colors  options are natural, light flamed, dark flaming, snake flaming and more. Hollow built or solid Hexaghonal shape hollow built or solid.. Aluminum, handmade leather or wood rod cases on request.

Delivering time range between 5 and 6 weeks
Price range: from € 950,00 – to € 1.650,00


The Limited Edition

Every year a small number of these rods come out from the cooperation between me and Steve Hoye from Klondike Rod Company. It’s a team work able to carry out real Jewels.

Delivering time range between 16 and 20 weeks
Price range: from € 2.500,00 – to € 2.800,00




To post your order please contact me throught e-mail or telephone +39 360 253659.
At the order confirmation a deposit of 50% is required. The final payment  will be required 5 days before the rod shipping.